Improv Education Program

The Improv Centre is happy to announce the return of our Improv Education Program!

Ever wanted to learn how to improvise like our ensemble members?

The Improv Centre has been educating people in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 42 years. We want to give YOU the same improv training!

We have a 3 Level Program, which will give you a firm grasp of the improv basics, confidence at the intermediate level, and a mastery of advanced techniques.

We ask that students complete our improv classes in a linear order; so students who complete 101 will enroll in 102, etc. All improv courses of a previous level must be completed for a student to advance to the next level. Classes are not graded, but we will recommend repeats for those who require more practice. All students need to be 18 years or older.

100 Level Improv: Weekend Workshop

Improv 101 offers actors and new performers a peek behind the improv curtain. We go over improv fundamentals, good improv habits, and show you how to build a scene from nothing but a simple suggestion. Come and dip your toes in, or jump off the deep end! Every answer is the right answer!

Cost: $195
Next Class:

Oct 28/29, 11am-3pm with Montana Rosalle and Rachel Kent

Dec 2/3, 11am-3pm with Riley Hardwick and Chris Casillan

Improv 102 offers newer improvisers a chance to use the skills they already have to take on stronger characters, and explore vast locations. We go over short form improv games, different ways to make each scene pop, and what makes a good improv scene great! It’s TWO much fun!
Cost: $195
Next Class:

Oct 21/22, 11am-3pm
with Ed Witzke and Helen Camisa

Nov 18/19, 11am-3pm with Allen Morrison and Jeff Cooper

Improv 103 offers improvisers a chance to play very high-success yet challenging short form improv games. Learn how to engage your audience, and leave them laughing til the very end. It’s a class full of short form games that the players love to play and the audience loves to watch!
Cost: $195
Next Class:

Nov 4/5, 11am-3pm
with Ed Witzke and Rachel Kent

200 Level Improv: 6 Week Course

Stretch it out! Literally! Intermediate improvisers learn to make grand stories out of simple suggestions. Learn to think tangentially, and how to make the most out of every story line. Discover how to take 3 suggestions and turn it into a 25-minute performance that leaves your audience wanting more! This class focuses on different long form formats whilst honing your improv skills!
Cost: $280
Next Class:
Here’s the test – you ready to take it?! Explore the challenge of elaborate long formats, centered around a narrative and story base. We’ll develop strong characters, strong storylines, and learn how to tell a story from beginning to end – all while incorporating storytelling devices to deliver jaw-dropping performances!
Cost: $280
Next Class:

300 Level Improv: 6 Week Course

This class is for actors and improvisers to prove themselves as true storytellers.

We explore character archetypes, story archetypes, storytelling beats, as well as study different genres, moods and tones.

It’s not just a scene, it’s the whole movie!
Cost: $280
Next Class:
In Improv 302, we continue to explore different genres from Improv 301, and how to tell full complete stories, using classic storytelling tropes.

It’s so fun, you may even sing….
Cost: $280
Next Class:

Casual Education Program

Community Jam Shows Page (400 × 400)

Community Jam

Saturday, September 30

3:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: 1502 Duranleau Street

Ages 18+

Have a craving for the stage? Come and improvise with professionally trained performers at our FREE community jam session where you can walk up, drop in, and learn from the pros. If you’ve been itching to get involved in the improv community, this is for you!

No sign up needed!

drop-in workshop

 Improv for Beginners


3:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: 1502 Duranleau Street

Ages 18+ 

Are you interested in the art of improvisation? Come learn with us! You’ll be taught the basics of improv in this two-hour workshop that’s geared toward beginners. Come enjoy a fun, friendly and supportive environment to learn the magic of “Yes, And!”

Registration opens one week before, on Saturdays at 6pm.
20 spots available.

House Teams Program

Check back for updates about the next round of auditions!

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is Available!

If you’re interested in our courses, but cannot reasonably afford our fees due to reasons beyond your control, you can apply for financial aid.

We also offer special opportunities and discounts for folks who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, or any other marginalized group. Our community needs performers like you – we want to support you on your journey in comedy!

All financial aid awards are first-come, first-served, limited, and granted on a case-by-case basis. Examples of financial aid include free admission into our Improv For Beginners program, or a percentage off Improv Education Program fees.

To apply for financial aid, please fill out the following form. Outline your specific situation and/or the marginalized groups you identify with, and tell us why you require financial aid.


The Improv Centre – Student Financial Aid Application Form

Personal Application