Code of Conduct and Values

The Improv Centre is strongly committed to the following values:


As a values-driven organization, a key way to preserve and protect our internal culture is to put integrity, honesty, professionalism, accountability for our actions and behaviours, as well as consistent and healthy decision-making at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. This also means transparent and clear processes for every aspect of our organization.


As an improv theatre company, we pride ourselves on being spontaneous, creative and dynamic. In order to be at the top of our craft, we need to create the safest conditions possible. It is imperative that everyone put safety first: physically, emotionally and psychologically. This means fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where ideas are welcomed and encouraged. It also means a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment. Ensuring that all TIC team members feel safe to be on our premises, or wherever TIC carries out work, and to perform their duties without fear is a non-negotiable necessity.

Continuous Development

Performers must continue to develop their skills, regardless of their years of experience on stage. We all can improve and learn new skills in this art form. We must also support the development of others, and have an openness to artistic development and evolution of our practices. As skills of performers strengthen through development and support in a safe environment, we improve the whole expression of this art form.

Acknowledgement & Action

Establish partnerships with organizations representing and advocating for marginalized and underrepresented communities, particularly indigenous ones in honour and acknowledgement of the land The Improv Centre occupies. Explore opportunities for training, learning, entertainment, and space sharing. Identify areas for collaboration, such as commissioning of artwork, meaningful connections and contributions.

Diversity & Inclusivity

TIC welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability. Creating space for diversity on stage allows for diverse stories to be told, reaching audiences in different ways and attracting new audiences who see themselves represented on stage.

Artistic Excellence

TIC trains and showcases improv comedy and theatre excellence that reflects, engages and challenges our audiences. We are world class performers, and with that, comes a great sense of responsibility – from the substance and quality of our work, to the way we act as leaders in the greater improv community. We commit to upholding a high-quality standard of product that we, our audiences, our partners locally and theatres around the world recognize and can be proud of.

Collaboration, Partnerships, Engagement & Outreach

Internally, TIC is built on the belief that collaboration is a key path to our success. We can go farther together. Externally, TIC is committed to outreach and engagement with the broader local improv, theatre and arts communities. This includes invitations to guest perform, training, workshops, and other forms of cross-pollination.

Questions & Feedback

The Improv Centre is strongly committed to the Code of Conduct and Values and does not tolerate any form of harassment — verbal, sexual, physical or otherwise. If you would like to communicate with us about our code of conduct or values, please send us a message.