Improv for Business

If you’ve watched a show at The Improv Centre and thought ‘how do they create something from simply a word of inspiration?’, we have an answer for you: exceptional teamwork. Our improvisors are experts at collaborating, connecting, and communicating, to create engaging, innovative and compelling stories that entertain and delight audiences. What’s more, is that the inputs to this type of teamwork have applications far beyond our stage.

The use of the principles, tools and skills behind this type of teamwork is known as “Applied Improvisation”. In short, we call it “Improv for Business”, and for over thirty years, our theatre has used it to help organizations, both local and multi-national, build incredible teams.

Our facilitators customize and facilitate workshops that engage teams of any size, through dynamic and collaborative exercises. At the planning stage, we work closely with you to identify your team’s needs and develop a customized session to help meet your development goals.

Areas of focus

Our areas of focus include:

  • Effective Communication & Engaging Presentations
  • Teambuilding (Connection, Collaboration & Confidence)
  • Unlocking Team Creativity & Innovation
  • The Power of Storytelling

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